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The special inspection of pancreatic surgery medical quality in Jiangsu Pancreatic Special Diseases Medical Quality Control Center was successfully carried out

Published on:2022-08-08   Views:2357
In order to implement the work requirements of the provincial medical management center and the provincial quality control office, promote the construction of the quality control center for pancreatic diseases and the continuous improvement of the quality of diagnosis and treatment, and further improve the quality control management level of pancreatic diseases in the province, July 27, 2022 On the 29th, the Jiangsu Provincial Pancreatic Special Diseases Medical Quality Control Center invited well-known experts in the field of pancreatic surgery in the province and some members of the quality control center to form a joint expert group to conduct a special inspection of the medical quality of pancreatic surgery in Nanjing. The inspection was guided by Wang Ning, Director of the Provincial Medical Quality Control Center Management Office, Zhao Qing and Xuan Siyu, and Jiang Kuirong, Director of the Pancreatic Disease Quality Control Center and Director of the Pancreas Center of Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital (The First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University) The professor leads the team. Wu Junli, Gao Wentao, Yao Jie, Qi Fuzhen, Chu Chaoshun, Zhu Dongming, Li Wei, Ma Yong, Zhang Hongwei, as quality control inspection experts, Wei Jishu, Guo Feng, Lu Zipeng and many comrades from the provincial quality control center working group participated together This quality control special inspection work. Professor Miao Yi, a provincial-level medical quality control consultant in Jiangsu Province and a famous pancreatic surgeon in my country, is also very concerned about the quality control inspection of pancreatic special diseases, and has put forward important opinions and suggestions on the guidelines and work plan of this inspection.
Within 2 days, the special inspection team inspected 9 hospitals in Nanjing, which are the target hospitals of the Pancreatic Diseases Quality Control Center, including Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital, Nanjing BenQ Hospital, Jiangsu Cancer Hospital, and the Second Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University. Hospital, Zhongda Hospital Affiliated to Southeast University, Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital, Eastern Theater General Hospital, Nanjing First Hospital and Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In combination with the national medical quality and safety improvement goals and requirements, the expert group, in accordance with the pre-determined special inspection scoring rules, reviewed the basic conditions of medical institutions, personnel capacity and surgical volume, preoperative preparation, surgical quality, perioperative treatment, medical documents and quality control. The six dimensions of the reported data are comprehensively considered. Through reports by the quality control director, on-site inspection, random inspection of medical records, and case collection and verification in the quality control database, the experts of the inspection team conducted a full investigation and objective evaluation of the medical quality and quality control data reporting of pancreatic surgery in each unit.
In the process of supervision, Director Wang Ning fully affirmed the work achievements made by the Jiangsu Provincial Pancreatic Special Diseases Medical Quality Control Center in more than one year since its establishment. mode affirmed. Director Wang Ning emphasized in his speech that medical institutions should pay attention to medical quality control issues, actively connect with each quality control center, actively and accurately report various data to the quality control center, diligently sort out the problems in the medical quality control process, and closely. Maintain communication with peers in the province, find the gap with the benchmark units in the province, pay close attention to the construction of medical quality control, and effectively improve and improve the quality of medical care with the help of the provincial quality control center. Director Wang Ning has repeatedly emphasized the importance of ensuring the integrity, authenticity and accuracy of quality control data, and put forward requirements for clarifying management norms and implementing the homogenization of pancreatic medical quality management within each unit.
During the inspection process, Director Jiang Kuirong said that under the care of leaders at all levels of the Jiangsu Provincial Health and Health Commission, the work of the Jiangsu Provincial Pancreatic Disease Quality Control Center has been carried out smoothly, and the quality control work level has made great progress. In the future medical quality control work, the Provincial Pancreatic Disease Quality Control Center will continue to work hard to make full use of the important platform of the Provincial Quality Control Center to further explore, improve, and improve the provincial pancreas-specific disease-oriented precision medical quality control plan. Deployment, work content and operation mechanism. At the same time, the relevant departments of each hospital in the province should seriously report the quality control data, strive to improve the quality of pancreatic surgery, optimize the perioperative management process, and improve the professional medical service level of the pancreas in the province under the quality control management framework in the province. benefit patients.
In the process of this inspection, the expert group fully affirmed the highlights of the quality construction of pancreatic surgery in each target medical institution, put forward rectification suggestions for their common problems and individual problems, and communicated with the backbone of relevant professional disciplines in each hospital. The key and difficult issues in the development of pancreas were fully discussed and exchanged. Through this inspection work, each quality control target unit further pays attention to the quality control of pancreatic diseases, understands its own strengths and weaknesses, and actively seeks out the shortcomings, so as to continuously improve the medical quality of pancreatic surgery.

The quality control director of the quality control center for pancreatic diseases in each hospital made a special report on the quality construction of pancreatic surgery

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