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Good news! Young physicians from the Pancreatic Center of the Skills Competition all won awards

Published on:2022-08-08   Views:2325
On July 29, the 7th Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital Young Surgical Physician Skills Competition was held at the headquarters of Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital. The contestants are 28 young doctors from various clinical departments of major surgery. Among them, the three young doctors Yin Jie, Gao Yong and Chen Qun who signed up for the competition from the Pancreatic Center all won awards in this competition.

The skills competition conforms to the new requirements of the country for surgeons in the new era. It aims to test and strengthen the basic clinical skills of young doctors in the hospital through a simulated competition process, improve theoretical literacy, and encourage young doctors to compare learning, skills, progress, and competition. Post experts, showing a good spirit.

After the preliminary round of "Simulated Surgery: Tumor Biopsy + Knotting", the semi-finals of "Infected Incision Dressing", "Laparoscopic Pattern Cutting + Suture", "Trauma Suture", "Deep Vascular Ligation and Hemostasis", and the final round of "Postoperative Bleeding + Cardiac Arrest" In the end, the three young doctors from the Pancreatic Center stood out. Dr. Gao Yong won the gold medal in the Young Surgical Physician Skills Competition, and Dr. Yin Jie and Dr. Chen Qun won the bronze medal.

Dr. Gao Yong from Pancreatic Center won the gold medal

Dr. Yin Jie (third from left) and Dr. Chen Qun (third from right) of Pancreatic Center won the Bronze Award

A cool head, professional techniques, and skilled techniques are the prerequisites for saving lives in times of crisis, as well as the clinical capabilities that an excellent surgeon should possess. The three young doctors of the Pancreatic Center demanded themselves with the professional spirit of "respecting life, saving the dying, willing to give, and love without bounds" in the new era. Unique style.
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