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Pancreas Center team reports at the 49th APA meeting

Published on:2020-10-28   Views:102

     From October 31st to November 3rd, Professor Yi Miao, Director of the Pancreas Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, was invited by Professor Ashock K Saluja, Chairman of the American Pancreatic Association Annual Meeting (APA) and Secretary of the American Pancreatic Association to attend the 49th Annual meeting. This is the 4th consecutive time that the Pancreas Center of Nanjing Medical University has been invited to participate in the APA meeting.

     Professor Yi Miao, the director of the Pancreas Center of Nanjing Medical University, accompanied with Professor Kuirong Jiang, Professor Wentao Gao and Dr. Chunhua Xi from our center. Professor Miao was invited to give a keynote speech entitled "reappraisal of artery invasion in pancreatic cancer". It fully demonstrated the unique technology of our Pancreas Center and the perspective on arterial invasion. The international colleagues were very interested in the content of the lecture. At the same time, we have 4 posters accepted by the conference.

Prof. Miao giving keynote speech

Group photos (from left to right): Professor Kuirong Jiang, Professor Yi Miao, Professor Kevin Staveley O'carroll, Professor Guangfu Li, and Professor Wentao Gao

     During the meeting, Professor Kevin Staveley O'carroll from University of Missouri, Professor Guangfu Li and Professor Jun Yu from Johns Hopkins University met with Professor Miao again to discuss the progress of cooperation projects and plans for further in-depth collaboration in the future.

After attending the conference (from left to right): Dr. Chunhua Xi, Professor Kuirong Jiang, Professor Jun Yu, Professor Yi Miao, and Professor Wentao Gao
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