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Li Qiang

Li Qiang, male, 44 years old, is the chief physician of Pancreas Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University as well as the Director of SICU. He is a member of Clinical Nutrition Physicians Committee of Surgeons Branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association, the deputy chief of Infection and Intensive Care Group of Jiangsu Province Surgery Branch, a member of China Zone of International College of Surgeons, a member of Jiangsu Province Intensive Digestion and Nutrition Branch, and a member of Jiangsu Province Chinese and Western Medicine Combined Intensive Medicine Committee. 

He is also a key talent of "Six-industry Talent Summit" of Jiangsu Province, the cultivation object of "333 Project", and has published more than 40 high-quality papers. He has won 2 First Prizes of Jiangsu Province Health Department New Technology Introduction Award, 1 First Prize of Jiangsu Medical Science and Technology Award, 1 Second Prize of Ministry of Education Science and Technology, 1 Second Prize of Chinese Medicine, and 1 First Prize of Jiangsu Province Technological Progress, and has participated in one support program for the Eleventh Five-year Plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology.


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