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Yin Yang-1 increases apoptosis through Bax activation in pancreatic cancer cells

Published on:2016-11-28   Views:251


The transcriptional regulator Yin Yang-1(YY1) is a tumor suppressor known to be overexpressed in pancreatic cancer. Wefound that overexpression of YY1 promoted apoptosis and increased theexpression and mitochondrial localization of the pro-apoptotic Bax protein inpancreatic cancer cell lines. Luciferase reporter, electrophoretic mobilityshift (EMSA), and chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) assays revealed bindingof YY1 to the BAX promoter. Moreover, YY1 promoted pancreatic cancer cellapoptosis through Bax transcriptional activation and subsequent translocationof Bax to the mitochondrial membrane, leading to cytochrome c release, andcaspase activation.YY1 and BAX are co-expressed in pancreatic cancer tissuesand higher BAX expression predicts better outcomes for patients. The ability ofYY1 to promote apoptosis in pancreatic cancer cells suggests it may represent avaluable diagnostic and therapeutic target.