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Glucagonoma syndrome: A case report

Published on:2016-11-28   Views:142


Necrolytic migratory erythema (NME),diabetes mellitus and glucagon-secreting tumors form the hallmarks ofglucagonoma syndrome, and represent the major clinical manifestations of glucagonoma.NME is usually presented as the initial complaint of patients. Due to the rareincidence of glucagonoma, its diagnosis is often delayed, which leads to itsprogression. Here, we report a case of NME with a typical skin rash, which wasmisdiagnosed and treated with corticosteroids for two years. Removal of thetumor in the pancreatic body led to the rapid relief of the symptoms. The aimof the present study is to demonstrate the typical characteristics ofglucagonoma syndrome to clinicians in order to improve its diagnosis andtreatment.