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Let’s overcome pancreatic diseases together
发布时间:2016-07-05   浏览次数:271

In the morning of June 14th, the First Pancreatic Patient Concern Group of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital was held in the conference room of No.10 Building where was filled with laughter and cheerful voices.

More than a hundred pancreatic patients from around China gathered together who were all used to be patients in the Pancreatic Center of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital and now discharged from hospital from recovery and they are in good conditions now. The news about the Pancreatic Patient Concern Group spread out and many attracted patients came here to sign up.

Professor Cai Kuirong, the vice director of the Pancreatic Center first extended his warm welcome and sincere appreciation to all patients. Afterwards, Doctor Cai Baobao, a resident doctor of the Center explained the mechanism of action of the pancreas and some pancreatic knowledge with a simple map of Xinjiekou of Nanjing. Doctor Zhao Ting of the Nutriology Department was also invited to the meeting who told us some cautions about nutrition intake after surgical treatment and she also enjoined gradual nutrition supply on patients.

After a short tea break, Professor Miao Yi, the director of the Pancreatic Center arrived and expressed his appreciation to the trust those patients gave to them, and wished them an early recovery. Professor Miao Yi hoped that with the help of the concern group mode, the doctor-patient relationship can be more harmonious so that they can join hands to fight against illness. Lady Ai Li, the vice chairwoman of the Pancreatic Patient Concern Group, shared her feelings when she was a patient and she told us the story about her being carefully cared by doctors and nurses when she was hospitalized in the Center, and the quick recovery after surgical treatment in the painless room. At last, she expressed her love to the Pancreatic Center and all her friends made in the hospital with a little poem composed by Walt Whitman. The event in the afternoon was opened by the speech delivered by Fang Xiaoping, the head nurse of a ward in the Pancreatic Center, who is also the chairwoman of the Concern Group. Later, the host organized two games between medical staff and patients for them to understand each other better. Two patients even went on stage and performed their adapted songs for all of us. At the end of the day, the meeting of the Concern Group ended in a peaceful atmosphere.