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It is important for all of us to pay attention on all kinds of unimpressive symptoms since pancreatic tumors are difficult to be discovered in early stages. Please visit hospital in case of any early symptom described such as anorexia, dyspepsia, loss of
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Patients were eager to gather together again no matter the weather. The third “Let’s overcome pancreatic diseases together” Pancreatic Disease Concern Group Meeting was held in the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University on July 2nd.

Jiang Kuirong, the vice director of the Center delivered his speech to open the meeting. He extended his appreciation to all the patients who braved the rain to attend the meeting, and wished that everyone could learn more knowledge and communicate with doctors and patients in this meeting.

Director Li Qiang first delivered a lecture named “The Treatment of Dyspepsia after Pancreatic Surgery” in which he explained the causes of postoperative dyspepsia through elaborating the anatomical structure, the physiology and exocrine secretion of the pancreas, and he also provided the solution of pancreatic enzymes treatment. Afterwards, Doctor Cai Baobao delivered a speech named “Pancreatic Tumors, Our Common Enemies” through which he explained some basic common knowledge of pancreatic tumors. He said that smoking, drinking, and overeating may easily lead to pancreatic tumors. Being difficult to be discovered, only 10% - 25% clinically diagnosed pancreatic tumor patients may receive surgical treatment and the recovery rate has been low. Hence early diagnosis is extremely important.

During the speech delivered by patient representative, an old patient came to the stage and read a ragged verse he composed in order to extend his appreciation to all medical staff of the Center. Besides, the hostess of Xiao Fang Healthcare Network of Nanjing Economy Radio Station, Xiao Fang, was invited to the meeting, who then shared her feelings with us in the second half part of the meeting. She believed that this is indeed an excellent platform of communications where a bridge between doctors and patients can be better constructed to enhance communications and fight against diseases together.

Experts were arranged in this meeting and patients came to their doctors to ask questions.

In the “Charade” game, patients and nurses worked closely and got all the answers.

We sincerely hope that with the meeting of the Pancreatic Patient Concern Group, more health information can be spread to guide more pancreatic disease patients to focus on their conditions and enjoy convenient medical services, as well as more effective interactions and communications between medical staff and pancreatic disease patients. Let’s overcome pancreatic diseases together!