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    Welcome to visit our website of Pancreas Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University. We're dedicated to maintaining the public health, conducting cutting-edge biomedical research and implementing excellent nursing care. We're one of the National Key Clinical Departments, Key Discipline in the 10th and 11th five-year plan of China (in Jiangsu Province) and a Key Discipline of Jiangsu Province HealthCare Improving Project. With 59 inpatient beds including 8 beds of ICU,the Pancreas Center is in charge of the diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic tumor and acute/chronic pancreatitis,which has been covering around 80-million people.

    The Center was formerly known as the Pancreas Faculty of General Surgery Department, firstly set up in 1986, which is first established in China. Stepping on the shoulders of giants, we gradually grow into a pancreatic surgery team with national and international influence after 30 years of development. Based on former Pancreas Faculty of General Surgery Department and under the support of professor Yi Miao, in 2014, we integrated the Hospital's high-quality resources and established a multidisciplinary comprehensive pancreas center which focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic disease.

    Currently, nearly one hundred patients per week from all over China received consultation at our pancreatic disease outpatient department; more than 1,000 patients were admitted to the wards of Pancreas Center and received professional treatment. We perform over 700 various pancreas surgeries every year, including nearly 300 pancreaticoduodenectomies, over 100 distal pancreatectomies, as well as parenchyma-spared or organ-combined pancreatic surgeries. Meanwhile, more than 1,000 patients received minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment (e.g. laparoscopic pancreaticodudenectomy, EUS-FNA, brachytherapy for pancreatic cancer,etc.). We will provide patients unique real-time multidisciplinary team services. Here pancreatic surgeons, endoscopists, gastroenterologist, radiologist and pathologist work together to offer you one-stop pancreas disease diagnosis and treatment strategies, avoiding the waste of time and economic costs caused by repeated visitings in clinics. Benefiting from the high-quality of operations, we take the lead in the implementation and application of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery  to pancreatic surgery, warranting the early mobillization and oral intake of postoperative patients. Simultaneously, ERAS could obviously reduce the hospitalization costs, shorten the hospitalization time and improve the quality of life of postoperative patients.

    We have focused on the research of pancreatic diseases for nearly 30 years, and have obtained a series of important achievements in terms of the basic and clinical research of pancreatic tumor, pancreatitis and other pancreas-related diseases. To date, 19 National Natural Science Foundations of China (including 4 youth funds) has been obtained, and our research projects have been granted by Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology as well as Ministry of Health, acquiring 38 million RMB of research funds in all. Our Center has won 2 First-Prizes of Jiangsu Province Scientific Progress Award, 2 Second-prize of Science and Technology Progress of the Chinese Ministry of Education, 1 Third-Prize of Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award. and The New Technology Introduction Award of the Health Department of Jiangsu Province. Remarkably,we establised the largest pancreas bio-bank in Asia. Sincerely, we hope that each hospitalized patient with pancreatic disease would provide a small amount of biological samples for our non-profit medical research while receiving the diagnosis and treatment services. This will not lead to any adverse influence on your physical health or disease diagnosis and treatment. We must live up to your trusts and try our best to convert your contributions into benefits for millions of pancreatic patients.

     Meanwhile, our center,as a top medical team, also undertake the missions of developing standards and guidelines and popularizing advanced techniques.. We participated in and developed legal or policy documents like Chinese Clinical Guidelines for Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment and Chinese Clinical Guidelines for Chronic Pancreatitis Diagnosis and Treatment, and write the Expert Consensus on ERAS after Pancreatoduodenectomy in China, et. al. Furthermore, as the sole Chinese team of International Study Group of Pancreatic Surgery(ISGPS), we contributed to the guideline named Pancreatic Anastomosis After Pancreatoduodenectomy: A Position Statement By The International Study Group Of Pancreatic Surgery (ISGPS). Currently, our Center has 4 doctoral tutors and 7 master tutors. Till 2016, we have cultivated 107 postgraduates of Pancreas Surgery, including 28 PhD and 79 M.Med, and many of them have played an important role in the pancreatic disease faculty in their hospitals. In our center, you can see lots of residents and visiting doctors coming from varied colleges and hospitals of different regions. They stay here, together with us, to help the patients and to learn new knowledge and technologies, then treat more patients when they came back, especially for the patients of medical underdeveloped regions in China.

    At last, we sincerely hope that you will get the information you want from our website so as to better solve your problem. We will uphold the patient-first philosophy and provide leading medical services for patients with pancreatic diseases.